the beginning

It was the summer of 2009 and my first child was about to be born. Despite of having a painter diploma I hadn't been painting for a long time, for I was busy studying photography and then working as a photographer and doing other things. But I wanted to have some animals in his room he could wave goodnight every evening, so I made this one:

Rode vogel, 2009, watercolour and ink

 ...and an elephant, a rhino, two whales, and this one:

Cocodrilo, 2009, watercolour and ink

... and an anteater, a sloth and a  manatee. Soon, it became every night's ritual to say goodbye to everyone of them, while naming their names and making voices that answered back.
Working as a photographer, I missed painting and making stuff with my own hands. And I also noticed I urgently needed some practice! So making the paintings for my son's room was the perfect pretext to start practicing again. And, given that I also missed doing batik - I used to do a lot of batik during my last years at the art faculty - why not painting and batiking at the same time? Doing this, which I enjoy very much, has become a project at which I hope to do things better each time. The project has a name and a website:

Welcome everyone!

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