Open Ateliers Route Den Haag, Oktober 2013

Many thanks to all the people who visited my studio during the Open Ateliers Route!!! It was very nice meeting you all. It was awesome to receive so many different people in just two days at our place. I hope to see you again!

(foto: Anke van den Berg)
 I held a short demonstration of batik on paper...
(foto: Anke van den Berg)

And these girls who came by were such a fun!!! Thank you, Roselle, Esther and Joy.
It was very nice to meet you, and thanks for the photos. MABUHAY!
(foto: Roselle Leah K. Rivera)


Neighbourhood party at "De Waterspin"

On Saturday 28th of September, De Waterspin  celebrated its15 year anniversary. It was a little but cozy event with music, theater, dance, food, drinks and their own MINIMARKET.

De Waterspin 15 jaar jubileum