English Christmas market 2013, at St John & St Philip's

Are you wondering what to do on Saturday November 30th?
The annual English Christmas Market will take place. I invite you all to join and to visit me, it would be great to see you (or meet you) all. If you hace children you can combine it with a visit to the beautiful sand playground at the other side of the street (Ary van der Spuiweg).
There will be activities for children, lots of different british Christmas homemade products, arts, crafts, even a tombola and live (Christmas) music all day long. Very christmassy!

English Chrurch Christmas Market 2013, poster by Kirsty Ellen Mottram

Guinea pig - cavia - cuy

guinea pig, 2013

mamut - mammoth

Mamut, 2013


Rinas, 2013


Open Ateliers Route Den Haag, Oktober 2013

Many thanks to all the people who visited my studio during the Open Ateliers Route!!! It was very nice meeting you all. It was awesome to receive so many different people in just two days at our place. I hope to see you again!

(foto: Anke van den Berg)
 I held a short demonstration of batik on paper...
(foto: Anke van den Berg)

And these girls who came by were such a fun!!! Thank you, Roselle, Esther and Joy.
It was very nice to meet you, and thanks for the photos. MABUHAY!
(foto: Roselle Leah K. Rivera)


Neighbourhood party at "De Waterspin"

On Saturday 28th of September, De Waterspin  celebrated its15 year anniversary. It was a little but cozy event with music, theater, dance, food, drinks and their own MINIMARKET.

De Waterspin 15 jaar jubileum


Open Ateliers Route - Den Haag Binnenstad

On Oktober 5th and 6th I will be participating of the Open Ateliers Route of The Hague city center. You are all invited and very welcome to come. Lots of artists of different disciplines will be participating at this year's edition. You can download the catalogus here and take a look at their FB page here.

It will be very nice to take a peek in all those studios and workplaces!

(foto: Open Ateliers Den Haag)

To make it easier for you, I've uploaded the route map as one image. Feel free to print it or share it:

At the Home Made Market, Prins Hendrikstrat, 1 sep. 2013

(foto: Cecilia Claux)
Home Made Market XL, Prins Hendrikstraat te Den Haag

Many thanks to Zeehelden Den Haag for this impression of the market that day (video: Charlotte Meindersma):



Carpinteros, 2013

These birds have flown...

These birds decided to migrate to a warmer place and are now on their way to Spain. They have found a new friend: Vanessa. Congratulations Vanessa, they are yours! I hope they will make you good company, together with Emese's bird.
I'd like to thank as well all the participants for your lovely comments. Thank you!

Blauwe vogels, groene hemel, 2011


Dasjes Tief - toddler bags

There is something I'd like to share with you. This is what I make besides the paintings, when I feel like stitching. If you want to read the full story about these bags, you can do it here  


Baby tapir

Something I don't mention on my Dasjes Tief page is that I made the first bag (for my son) with two old trousers: his dad's and mine :-)


Amazon rainforest

Green and more green. Any similarity to my own life is merely coincidence :-) ...really...

Sloths, 2013

Sachavacas, 2013

Don't forget the giveaway via Kireei in collaboration with Doodliesoftie. 
You can participate until February 11th 2013!



Flyaway Giveaway!

Emese from Doodliesoftie and I have been secretly preparing a collaboration which's result we hope you like. It has been a great experience working with someone you met at a distance (we met through our blogs). I'm glad we met each other and also very happy with what she did. She really makes great stuff out of children's anyone's drawings. 
Moreover... we are giving it away through the beautiful blog of Kireei (Spain)
You are all welcome to participate. Just leave a comment on their post (you can do it in English too). It goes from now on up to February 11th. The winner will receive two sendings: one from Holland and one from Hungary.
Good luck!