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This is a small update. Last weekend I went to the Christmas Market at the St John & St Philip’s Church in The Hague. It was an English market - with Santa and all - and vendors from different countries. Here is an impression. I promised a better picture and I’m afraid the picture isn’t a good one yet, but it is a liiittle little bit better… It is always such a nice experience to see that not only parents but children themselves (!) are very enthousiastic about my work, and I think this time the bags were favourite.
Probably I will stay away for a while again, for I will prepare me for the next market: the “Kerstmarkt” at the Grotemarkt here in The Hague, on December 19th. More information about it coming soon!!!

At the Christmas Market of November 24th




Peacock, 2012


On October 21st I had the pleasure to participate of the first I'M MARKT. A design and arts market in The Hague, organized by ateliercomplex De Besturing at their own (beautiful!) location, as part of the I'm Binck festival program. Sorry about the picture, I totally forgot to make decent pictures so this is the only one I have. Next time I'll make better pictures. I promise! You can get an impression of the event here.

I'M MARKT at De Besturing

Flyer I'm Markt 2012


En el bosque - In the forest

Some forest animals getting ready for the winter... 
These are new and I haven't published them in the website yet. I'll do it as soon as I can.

Red squirrel, 2012

Rabbits, 2012
Blue badgers, 2012

Ladybugs gathering, 2012

Hedgehog family, 2012

Selva I - Rainforest I

Here are some paintings inspired by rainforests inhabitants. Some more are coming soon...!


Ant eater


Orange chameleon

Red parrot



the beginning

It was the summer of 2009 and my first child was about to be born. Despite of having a painter diploma I hadn't been painting for a long time, for I was busy studying photography and then working as a photographer and doing other things. But I wanted to have some animals in his room he could wave goodnight every evening, so I made this one:

Rode vogel, 2009, watercolour and ink

 ...and an elephant, a rhino, two whales, and this one:

Cocodrilo, 2009, watercolour and ink

... and an anteater, a sloth and a  manatee. Soon, it became every night's ritual to say goodbye to everyone of them, while naming their names and making voices that answered back.
Working as a photographer, I missed painting and making stuff with my own hands. And I also noticed I urgently needed some practice! So making the paintings for my son's room was the perfect pretext to start practicing again. And, given that I also missed doing batik - I used to do a lot of batik during my last years at the art faculty - why not painting and batiking at the same time? Doing this, which I enjoy very much, has become a project at which I hope to do things better each time. The project has a name and a website:

Welcome everyone!